Livestock Management (Legacy SEA-90 Testimonials)

We've gathered a sampling of SEA-90's testimonials over the years.  This post focuses on Livestock Management.  Enjoy!


Hugh T. (Jackson, MS):

We placed SEA-90 essential Elements in his feeder for the first time and the cows were fighting to get their share. We had placed our regular minerals in the other two bins but they wanted nothing but SEA-90.

 ~ Hugh T. | Jackson, MS

Kim M. (Monticello, FL):

I thought I would share my day, I added the SEA- 90 to the cows feed and they went wild, they were rising sand until I put the product out in the fields and they immediately started picking the product from the ground, they are really enjoying themselves.

 ~ Kim M. | Monticello FL


Brian (AL):

 Brian in Alabama describes how he incorporates SEA-90 into his mineral program.

  ~ Brian | AL


Karen B. (Broken Arrow, NE):

We offered SEA-90 Essential Elements free choice to our bison herd beginning in 2016 with the following results.  Calving rate increased from 82% to 96%; the weaning rate increased from 65% to 81%; hanging weight increased approximately 30 pounds per carcass even though the bison were harvested one month earlier due to diminished pastures for lack of rain.

~ Karen B., Broken Arrow, NE


No More Mondays Farm (Fort Valley, AL):

We’ve been offering SEA-90 Essential Elements free choice and spraying a mixture SEA-90 Fertilizer and Coral Calicum on our pastures for 3 years with great success. Our rams, ewes and lambs stayed super healthy through this past summers drought which was the worst ever recorded in Alabama. We harvested lambs in November 2016 and the meat was very sweet. The butcher remarked that the lambs liver condition was the best he’d ever seen.  We’re sold on SEA-90

~ No More Mondays Farm, Fort Valley, AL


Doug M. (Mannsville, NY):

I’ve been feeding my dairy cows SEA-90 for a little over 6 weeks and we’ve seen a 100,000 drop in somatic cell counts. We have no pink eye and we significantly reduced fly pressure in the barn. My son who is a fertility expert came by last week and told me he’d never seen cows in such a strong heat or as raw as mine. I am really impressed with SEA-90.

~ Doug M., Mannsville, NY

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