Gardening and Hydroponics (Legacy SEA-90 Testimonials)

We've gathered a sampling of SEA-90's testimonials over the years.  This post focuses on Gardening and Hydroponics.  Enjoy!


John J.:

I am so grateful for my SEA-90!  I have been using it as a foliar spray and adding it as you suggested to my main nutrients.   2 of 4 of my late teen mother plants that I raised from cuttings we’re getting yellow leaves and looking rather sad. Amazingly a high percentage of the yellowing leaves are turning green again. I used 1 teaspoon  magnesium/ Epsom salts plus a half  teaspoon of the SEA-90 per 1 gallon of RO water.   I believe the SEA-90 is the secret ingredient!  This morning I decided to be bold and used a full teaspoon of see 90 for one gallon of RO water plus the one teaspoon of magnesium.  Approximately one hour later I could see a noticeable increase of branch/ leaf Vibrance.

It’s so impressive how potent it is. I mixed a 30 gallon batch in my NFT reservoir with Emerald Harvest nutrients as directed yielding a PPM Of 770.  Then I added approximately half the recommended amount of see 90 and my PPM shot up to approximately 1500! And the transplants are thriving beautifully.

Anyhow, I just wanted to thank you once again 4 your kind responses and to give you my good news.  I am a customer for life.

Kind regards,

~ John


Lee K. (Ft. Pierce, FL):

Lee added one teaspoon SEA-90 per gallon to his hydroponic systems on April 12. By May 9, the lettuce was ready to harvest. Three executive chefs were asked to sample the product. They were amazed at the difference in taste. The lettuce grown with SEA-90 sea minerals was far superior in taste to that grown without. The plants were also slightly darker in color. In addition, two local schoolteachers sampled the lettuce and were so impressed that they asked us to build four units for their schools. Our ultimate goal is to educate the school board about the benefits of growing with sea minerals and to establish a series of greenhouses to grow the food for our local school system in support of “farm to school” programs.

 ~ Lee K., Ft Pierce, FL


John B. (Great Falls, MT):

SEA-90 is the the best hydroponic fertilizer i’ve ever used. Just for research I grew over 36 tomato plants in my rion greenhouse and the fruits were the best I ever tasted with my sungolds producing fruits with a 12 brix reading. I never had to use any pesticide or fungicide because all the tomato plants were so healthy and extremely productive. SEA-90 is the best!!!

 ~ John B., Great Falls, MT


Curt A. (Ashford, AL):

I used SEA-90 in my small aquaponics system with surprising results. We harvested more than 500 cherry tomatoes (for the season) off one cutting. We took the cutting from another fully grown plant that only produced about 250 cherry tomatoes without using SEA-90.

 ~ Curt A., Ashford, AL


Dwayne M. (Living Foods Learning Center, NM):

We offer our own wheatgrass and sprouts to our patrons on a daily basis and have been growing them in house for many years. When I heard about Dr. Murray’s work and thought about the potential health benefits of nutrient dense fully re-mineralized wheatgrass and sprouts grown with SEA-90, I immediately called Mr. Cain and arranged a shipment to us. Once I started watering and misting the grass and sprouts with the SEA-90 solution I saw an immediate change in the growth and development. Our first harvest and the taste were amazing. The wheatgrass was so much sweeter and flavorful. Before using SEA-90 I was drinking six ounces of wheatgrass each day. After using SEA-90 all I could drink was four ounces. The nutrient density really made a difference.”

 ~ Dwayne M., Living Foods Learning Center, NM

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