Sea-90 Ocean Minerals History and Background

Sea-90 Ocean Minerals offer the power and performance of Dr. Maynard Murray’s original research, in a modern and convenient form factor for all farmers, ranchers, and growers!

Introduction to Sea Energy Agriculture

Dr. Maynard Murray first discovered the incredible power and vitality of our oceans, an agriculture technology that would ultimately be named Sea Energy Agriculture.  This amazing technology evolved from Dr. Murray’s question, “Why does man, God’s most perfect creation, fall prey to degenerative disease?” Dr. Murray searched for answers by studying centenarians to determine why they were physiologically different. Since he could not find any obvious differences, he began to examine their environment and found these cultures live in virtually isolated ecosystems. The soils of their ecosystems were preserved from erosion, cared for sustainably without the use of chemical fertilizers or poisons, and in many cases, fed by mineral rich glacial streams. Therefore, he concluded that the answer must be in the soil and the food these centenarians produced and consumed. 

Concurrently Dr. Murray also discovered that cancer or cancerous tumors were rarely found in ocean life. Knowing that the sea once covered all land masses, he directed his research to the study of sea life. Dr. Murray dissected thousands of species from the seas and did not find any traces of cancer, heart disease, or other degenerative diseases. Amazingly, his research concluded that aging on a cellular level does not occur in sea life. Dr. Murray then analyzed the mineral composition of seawater and found more than 90 water-soluble elements present in a constant proportional balance. He determined that sea life lives and feeds in an environment where shortages in the 90+ periodic table elements are virtually non-existent.

Further research from Dr. Murray uncovered that our agricultural soils, and consequently the food grown within, are seriously depleted of minerals through leaching, erosion and over cropping. Agricultural “best practices” replace six to 12 of the 40 elements considered critical for optimum plant growth and development. However, Dr. Murray knew that all 90+ minerals and trace elements were essential to thrive, as demonstrated by marine life.  Therefore, Dr. Murray deduced that the only logical explanation for the frightening increases in cancer and other forms of chronic degenerative disease is the absence of a complete and balanced chemical physiology via our food supply and soils.

Dr. Murray theorized that the most efficient method to remineralize our precious soils (and the resultant food) to their optimum mineral composition is to recycle the elements lost to the sea back into the land. Thus, the technology of Sea Energy Agriculture was discovered. Dr. Murray conducted extensive agricultural research trials during a 30 year period. In his initial greenhouse experiments, he utilized the highest quality sea water collected by the US Navy three miles off shore in the Atlantic Ocean. As Dr. Murray began planning large scale experiments and field trials, he realized that the cost of securing the amount of sea water necessary to provide the required mineral solids to adequately remineralize soil was economically cost prohibitive. Therefore, he searched the world for a natural source of pure sea mineral solids that offer the optimal mineral and trace element composition for remineralizing soil, plants, and ultimately our food supply. Fortunately, he discovered the perfect location in North America – a region on the Baja Peninsula, with water from the Sea of Cortez.  

Sea Solids and Sea-90:

This region was selected for the harvesting of Sea Solids (Sea-90) because it exhibits five key differentiating factors:


The Sea of Cortez is enriched with several million tons of top soil previously deposited into its delta by the Colorado River.


The Sea of Cortez is extremely mineral rich, with all of nature’s minerals and trace elements contained within its waters.


Rare earth elements are continuously added to the Sea of Cortez from geothermal vents on the seafloor bottom (where two tectonic plates meet), further diversifying the mineral balance.


The Baja offers year-round high temperatures and minimal rainfall, allowing for the production of an unrefined, unprocessed product via solar dehydration that maintains its mineral composition.


It is remote, untouched by modern industry, and pollution free.

All Dr. Murray’s subsequent experimental data and conclusions are based upon the use of sea mineral solids as a soil fertilizer from the exact same location where Sea-90 is created today.   

Dr. Murray was awarded patents for his discoveries regarding the application of sea mineral solids to agriculture and hydroponics. In addition, he authored “Sea Energy Agriculture” in order to document his findings and to share his discoveries. More recently, Charles Walters, ACRES USA, wrote "Fertility From the Ocean Deep" summarizing Dr. Murray’s research while offering more insight into this amazing and extraordinary gift from Nature.

Dr. Maynard Murray's keynote speech at ACRES USA in 1976 can be heard below:

SEA-90 and Robert Cain:

Throughout the 2000s, SeaAgri Founder Robert Cain restored the availability of Dr. Murray’s Sea Solids to the agriculture community through the SEA-90 product line.  SEA-90 worked closely with farmers to expand the capabilities and use cases of SEA-90 beyond soil remineralization, first introducing a product designed to be applied via foliar spray, and subsequently for livestock and poultry feeding.  Robert’s first-hand knowledge of the benefits of Sea Energy Agriculture were incredibly valuable to the agriculture community, and helped to ensure that Dr. Murray’s research and discoveries continued into the modern era.

To hear more about Robert's story, please listen to his appearance on the Working Cow's podcast, episode 261:

Modernizing and Expanding with SeaAgri Solutions:

In 2020, SeaAgri became SeaAgri Solutions and began efforts to build upon the foundation that Dr. Murray and Robert established.  The brand was formally renamed “Sea-90 Ocean Minerals” in 2021, and an expanded portfolio of products were introduced throughout 2022 and 2023.  These included the below offerings:

Sea-90 Soil Mineralizer +

A blend of Sea-90 Ocean Minerals and organic humate designed to remineralize soil and better support plant nutrient uptake.

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Sea-90 Premium Mineral Salt with Garlic

A blend of Sea-90 Ocean Minerals and organic garlic for natural fly, flea, and tick prevention.

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Sea-90 Ocean Life Complete Sea Salt

Recreate the Sea of Cortez for your marine life with the world’s most mineral rich, all-natural aquarium sea salt.

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Sea-90 Premium Mineral Salt Blocks

High-quality, weather-durable blocks available in “regular” and “Garlic” versions.

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Sea-90 Liquid Mineralizer Concentrate

A pre-blended, purified Sea-90 liquid solution that offers a more convenient way to use Sea-90 in foliar, drip irrigation, liquid row, or hydroponics systems.

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Sea-90 Grower’s Series

A collection of products designed for home gardens, lawns, flowers, and hydroponics systems.

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The Sea-90 team remains committed to the preservation of Dr. Murray and Robert’s work, and the expansion of the availability and knowledge of Sea Energy Agriculture.  Stay tuned for new partnerships, products, and opportunities to utilize the power and vitality of the oceans!  

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