Sea-90 Ocean Minerals for Game and Wildlife

Sea-90 Ocean Minerals is an exceptional source of mineral and trace element nutrition for game and wildlife enthusiasts.  Attract and grow bigger, healthier bucks with Sea-90 loose minerals and lick blocks.  Deer and hunters equally love the benefits of Sea-90 – join our team this season and see the difference for yourself!

We recommend the below approach for best results!

Select a mineral site for free-choice feeding.  Clear the area and, if possible, dig a moderate hole for Sea-90 to rest in.  Pour 25-50 lbs. of loose Sea-90 Premium Mineral Salt, or place one Sea-90 Premium Mineral Salt 44 lb. block into the hole.  Refresh the supply every season, ideally at the same site.  

We recommend spacing mineral sites every 50 - 100 acres, depending on your terrain.  Note that after heavy rains, the Sea-90 may soak into your soil (especially if you’re using loose Sea-90).  This is OK!  The attractant and mineral nutrients of the Sea-90 will remain in the soil at that site, and deer will still seek it out and dig / lick into the soil for Sea-90’s minerals.

A video demonstrating the attractant power of Sea-90 is below: