Ocean Minerals

The First Step in Regenerative Agriculture

Sea-90 offers complete spectrum mineral and trace element nutrition for Soil Health, Plant and Pasture Health, Animal Health, and more!


A Wave of Nutrition

Sea-90 restores soil fertility, enhances the nutrient density of plants and pastures, improves the health and vitality of
animals, and works wonders in gardens and aquaponics systems!

Grow Your Soil Matrix

and Boost Fertility


Sea-90’s mineral nutrients feed soil microbiology, enzymes, and fungi to create a more productive soil matrix.


Seeing a decline in fertilizer efficiency? Sea-90 helps to unlock existing fertilizer nutrients and make them more available to pastures, plants, and crops.


Add Sea-90’s mineral nutrients to your compost or compost tea to double your microbial populations and increase compost efficiency!


No matter what you’re growing, healthier soil mineralized with Sea-90 will produce healthier, higher-quality plant growth. Your animals, customers, and family will thank you!

Achieve Your Herd’s

Genetic Potential

Complete Mineral Support

Sea-90 offers all-natural, complete spectrum macro and trace mineral nutrition. Ensure your animals have the elemental building blocks they need to thrive, generation after generation.

Improved Reproductive Health

Mineral nutrients boost conception rates while decreasing overall mortality. Reduce your operation’s open cow rates and enjoy more live calves on the ground come calving season.

Natural Hydration Support

Mineral-rich salt source promotes hydration and increased water consumption. Plus, Sea-90 is the best option for creating a livestock brine tank!

Reduce Insect Stress

Organic garlic naturally reduces fly, flea, and tick pressure by over 50%! Field tested, nature approved.

Premium Mineral Salt with Garlic

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Get To Know Sea-90 Ocean Minerals

Sea-90 Ocean Minerals offers complete mineral and trace element nutrition, naturally powered by the pristine Sea of Cortez. Originally discovered by Dr. Maynard Murray, Sea-90 is sourced from the same location as his original “sea solids.”

Learn more about the background of Sea-90, and review our FAQs and technical hub for element analysis and more.

Sea Energy Agriculture

“We must look to the oceans as a source of needed elements that have eroded from our soils to the sea. These elements must be returned to the soil so that high quality, more healthful foods can be produced. We must stop destroying our soil, and instead begin the process of rebuilding it.”

- Dr. Maynard Murray MD
Sea Energy Agriculture

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- Dr. Maynard Murray MD
Sea Energy Agriculture

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Sea Energy Agriculture

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- Dr. Maynard Murray MD