Sea-90 Ocean Minerals for Marine Life and Aquaculture

Sea-90 Ocean Minerals is naturally derived from the pristine Sea of Cortez, a body of water that is so diverse with marine life that Jacques Cousteau once called it “The Aquarium of the World.”  Our all-natural harvesting process completely preserves the purity of the Sea of Cortez, allowing you to restore this incredible water for use within your own marine life and aquaculture environments.  

Sea-90 can be used to recreate sea water for all environments, including salt water, brackish water, and even fresh water with minimal mineral content for added vitality and disease resistance.  It is used throughout the world to produce ultra-premium fish grows and to support hobbyist tanks.  Give Sea-90 a try in your operation today and see the difference the Sea of Cortez can make!

Please see the below for our sea water creation recommendations based on experiences with customers.  We understand that environments and marine life can vary, and recommend refinements to best fit your needs.

  • Add Sea-90 Ocean Life Complete Sea Salt to dechlorinated tap water or purified water.  
  • Mix vigorously, aerating mixture until pH and oxygen are stable.
  • We recommend mixing a few hours prior to use to allow marine snow (sandy silt) to naturally settle to the bottom.
  • Before adding to your tank, check specific gravity, pH, and temperature levels.

Sea-90 can be used to recreate seawater or brine water in aquarium tanks or aquaculture ponds.  Sea-90 supports all forms of marine life.

Dissolving 1/2 cup (approximately 130 grams) of Sea-90 Ocean Life Complete Sea Salt in 1 gallon (3.8L) of purified water at 78* F will result in a seawater mix of:  

  • Specific Gravity:  1.021 - 1.024 / approx. 28 ppt - 32 ppt salinity
  • pH:  8.0 - 8.2

Approximate Per Gallon Use:

  • 10 Gallons:  3 Lbs.
  • 25 Gallons:  7.5 Lbs.
  • 50 Gallons:  15 Lbs.
  • 100 Gallons:  30 Lbs.
  • 150 Gallons:  45 Lbs.
  • 200 Gallons:  60 Lbs.

Sea-90 Ocean Life Complete Sea Salt is created naturally by lunar and tidal activity.  Specifications may vary by tidal season.  Always test small batches to meet your operation’s requirements.