Sea-90 Ocean Minerals
Technical and Certifications Hub

Sea-90 Technical Information and Analyses

Sea-90 Ocean Minerals offers an all-natural, complete spectrum mineral and trace element profile to support the health and vitality of all living things.  Proudly unrefined and unprocessed, Sea-90 owes its incredible power to the vitality of the ocean.  Although Sea-90 has remained virtually the same since Dr. Maynard Murray’s original discovery, we regularly analyze the product through third-party laboratories to ensure it remains pure and pristine. Please see the below documents for recent reports and analyses. 

Typical Common Mineral Profile

Heavy Metals and Contaminants


Complete Mineral Profile

Certifications and State Information

Sea-90 Ocean Minerals is approved for use in Organic Production by the USDA National Organic Program (NOP), is approved by OMRI for Organic use, and is certified by the CDFA.  Please see the below for certifications and more information for each product.  We also work closely with state licensing organizations to ensure Sea-90 complies with all local regulations.  Please see the below for common state labels.  Specific, unique state labels are available upon request.