Sea-90 for Compost and Compost Tea

Sea-90 Ocean Minerals offers an all-natural mineral and nutrient source for Compost and Compost Tea, increasing microbial populations and expediting the finishing process.  The result is a supercharged, bio-diverse compost product that will provide an even more powerful nutrient source for your soils and plants.  

Our recommendations for incorporating Sea-90 into your compost production are below:


Mineral rich compost is the end product of organic matter decomposition. Organic matter can include: garden waste, kitchen scraps, manure, leaves, grass clippings and straw. When we create compost, we attempt to duplicate the decomposition process that occurs naturally. For example, leaves fall from the top of trees in our forests, land on the ground, then slowly decompose through microbial action. Compost is a living culture, a colony of macro and micro organisms that converts organic matter into humus. It is a valuable mixture of decaying organic matter that is used to improve soil structure by providing nutrients.

For large scale composting operations, add 5 lbs. of Sea-90 per 2,000 lbs. of compost, mixing evenly into the pile.

For small scale or backyard composting, sprinkle a small amount of Sea-90 between 12-inch layers.  The 2 lbs. of Sea-90 Grower’s Series Foundation will treat approximately 500 lbs. of compost.

Compost Tea:

Compost tea is a highly concentrated microbial solution produced by extracting beneficial microbes from vermicompost and/or compost. The first key in producing quality compost tea is to start with a high quality, microbial-rich compost. After that, there are four essentials in creating the best possible growing situation for the microbes: water, air, food and comfort. The water should be clean, de-chlorinated, potable water. Compost tea brewers are available from many companies and feature aeration systems that insure the microbes receive adequate oxygen. These companies also provide pre-mixed and packaged nutrients to feed the diverse populations of both bacteria and fungi. Finished compost tea can be used as a soil application or foliar spray.

To supercharge compost tea with Sea-90, mix one tsp. Sea-90 Grower’s Series Mineralizer (or 1/2 oz. of Sea-90 Grower's Series Liquid Mineralizer) per 5-gallons of tea at the start of brewing.  Brew for 12-24 hours.  Complete the next steps based on whether you’re applying the tea to soil or using as a foliar spray.

For soil application, add an additional two teaspoons of Sea-90 per 5-gallons of tea and apply at a rate of 1 gallon per 100 square feet.  

For foliar applications, add an additional one teaspoon of Sea-90 per 5-gallons of tea and spray plant surface until runoff.