Sea-90 Ocean Minerals for Poultry and Fowl

Sea-90’s unique mineral and trace element profile is an excellent source of added nutrition for poultry and fowl.  Sea-90 has been shown to decrease bird mortality rates and increase feed consumption ratios, improving net profitability for growers.  Plus, homesteaders will enjoy more vibrant, nutrient-dense yolks and better tasting eggs.  

Sea-90 can be added to your Poultry and Fowl programs in several ways:

  • Where possible, Sea-90 can be substituted for standard salt in poultry feed.  It can also be loosely spread on the ground for birds to peck at.
  • Sea-90 can also be added to bird water supplies to provide an ionic, immediately available source of minerals and trace elements. 

For homesteaders, a pinch of Sea-90 can be added to daily water.  For larger operations we recommend:

  • Create a brine solution with 1.5 ounces (~45 grams) of Sea-90 per gallon of water.  For a 5-gallon bucket, this would be 1/2 lb. of Sea-90.  
  • Inject the brine solution into the water supply at a ratio of 1:128.
  • Monitor the brine solution, and replace with fresh brine once depleted.  Depending on the size of the operation, the brine solution can be created in a 5-gallon bucket, 30 or 55 gallon drum, or even a 275 gallon tote.