Sea-90 for Wheat Grass, Micro-Greens, and Seed Sprouting

Sea-90 offers exceptional mineral and trace element support for raising wheat grass and micro-greens, and inoculating and sprouting seeds.  Plus, as an ocean-based product it is readily water soluble and easy to use!  For indoor grows, we’ve developed a new Grower’s Series line of products in smaller, more convenient form factors.  Happy Growing!

Wheat Grass and Micro-Greens:

  • Spread one inch of soil, worm castings or compost in a tray and spread two layers of paper towel sheets and moisten.
  • Fill the watering can with warm water and add one-half teaspoon Sea-90. Mix until Sea-90 is dissolved and pour liquid into a spray bottle (one teaspoon Sea-90 per gallon of water is our nutrient solution).
  • Place whatever growing medium you intend to use in three trays and moisten till damp but not too wet.
  • Soak one cup of wheat grass or as described below in “Inoculating and Sprouting Seeds” using Sea-90 solution and rinse twice on day one. Buckwheat lettuce, lettuce and micro green seeds do not require soaking overnight and can be spread directly on the growing medium surface.
  • On day two, pour seeds onto the moist growing medium. Any growing medium suggested above can be used. Soil and compost require less maintenance, since paper towels dry faster and require more attention. Spread seeds evenly over the entire surface and mist with Sea-90 solution until seeds are damp. Place the trays on the third shelf heating pad and cover with newspaper so seeds are in total darkness. Check twice daily and either mist or water as needed.
  • Once seeds are completely germinated and begin to grow, remove the newspaper and move to the second shelf to continue the growing cycle. Cut sprouts once the first leaf level is attained. At this point, you can begin another crop of sprouts and greens.

Inoculating and Sprouting Seeds:

  • Add a one quarter teaspoon Sea-90 per one quart soaking water. Soak the seeds for four to six hours and rinse.
  • Purchase window screens at any hardware store and cut into 6”x 6” squares. Cover the end of the Mason jar with the screen and attach with the lid rim. Rinse the sprouts twice daily and allow to completely drain. Refrigerate after seeds sprout and show visible sprouted roots.
  • To improve the digestibility of almonds and walnuts, prepare the same Sea-90 solution and soak the nuts for four to six hours and rinse until water runs clear. This removes natural enzyme inhibitors that impair digestion. Dry nuts in a dehydrator or low temperature oven and store in sealed mason jars in the refrigerator.