Sea-90 Premium Mineral Salt

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Sea-90 Premium Mineral Salt is an all-natural mineral and trace element salt for all livestock and horses. Sea-90 is unprocessed and unrefined, preserving the valuable macro and trace mineral nutrients your animals crave. In fact, Sea-90 offers over 5x the minerals and trace elements of other trace mineral salts! With the complete mineral nutrition offered by Sea-90, your animals will enjoy improved health and vitality, and have the building blocks needed to reach their genetic potential.

  • 5x Minerals and Trace Elements
  • Fresh Ocean Source
  • Tested Micro-Plastic Free
  • OMRI Certified for Organic Production

Did you know? Sea-90 is produced from the pristine waters of the Sea of Cortez, a mineral-rich body of water that Jacques Cousteau once called "The World's Aquarium."

Also available in 50 lb. bags and 2,000 lb. bulk totes.  Be sure to ask about our new 44 lb. livestock and wildlife blocks!  For bulk orders (including blocks), please find a local distributor or request a bulk quote.  

Sea-90 Premium Mineral Salt can be offered free choice and / or in daily rations.

Beef Cattle: 2 ounces per animal per day.
Dairy Cattle: 4 ounces per animal twice per day.
Horses: 2 ounces per animal per day.
Smaller Ruminants: 1/2 ounce per animal per day.

Create a brine tank for cattle: 5 lbs. creates 75 gallons, 25 lbs. creates 375 gallons.

Suitable for virtually all animals, including sheep. Always provide fresh, clean drinking water.

Caution: Use as directed. Not for human consumption.