From SeaAgri Solutions, LLC

Wednesday, March 1st, 2023


SeaAgri Solutions, LLC, the makers of Sea-90 Ocean Minerals, is proud to announce the launch of an all new digital home for Sea-90,!  This brand new website is built on the Shopify eCommerce platform and combines state-of-the-art shopping capabilities with a leading educational platform for the benefits of Ocean Minerals.

Developed in partnership with Pacific IQ, the new marks the first introduction of Sea-90's new product portfolio since their comprehensive re-branding efforts in 2022.  Sea-90 offers a comprehensive suite of products for agriculture and aquaculture professionals, as well as backyard growers, homesteaders, and hobby aquarists.  

"We're very excited about the new capabilities offers," VP of Marketing Michael Sileck said.  "Our complete product portfolio is now more widely available, and our array of sizes ensures we have the perfect solution for all growers."

While the site will initially launch with Domestic shipping, the team at SeaAgri Solutions looks forward to expanding Internationally later this year.  "This is the beginning of our strategic plan to bring the benefits of ocean minerals to more customers throughout the world.  With we'll first introduce more cost efficient ordering throughout the United States, something our gardener and homesteader customers frequently ask for.  Then, we look forward to enabling broader International shipping for turn-key global ordering," said VP of Operations Brandon Sileck.  

The new website also allows for seamless multi-platform selling, an important part of the SeaAgri business model.  "We look forward to making the portfolio available across more digital sales channels, including Facebook and Instagram," added Michael, "and also introducing a turn-key physical POS (point-of-sale) model for Farm Shows, Farmer's Markets, and other events."

The new will launch on Wednesday, March 1st, with initial shipping available throughout the United States.  For more information about Sea-90 or SeaAgri Solutions, please contact (770) 361-6092, or write to

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