Sea-90 Featured Within Remineralize the Earth

Sea-90 Featured Within Remineralize the Earth

Sea-90 was proud to be featured within a recent article from Remineralize the Earth.  A snippet is below.  The full article can be read here:  

Remineralization Pioneer David Yarrow on Transforming Soils to Transform Ourselves

Published By:  Remineralize the Earth

Authors:  David Yarrow and Dyani Frye

"There’s no doubt that the industrialization of agriculture has changed the world we live in. With the advent of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, ‘agribusiness’ is a commercial enterprise seeking to do what most businesses do — maximize profit. But soil isn’t a static input, a sterile medium,  or an endless reservoir from which crops will always sprout. In fact, treating soil in this way is a fast-track to depleting it. Continuing down this path is not sustainable, and it’s becoming clearer that we must rethink the way this system works, and move forward in a regenerative, holistic way. 
One of the pioneers of this alternative approach is David Yarrow, an Earth advocate, remineralization trailblazer, soil whisperer, and life-long learner, who, for decades, has been pointing to the soil under our feet as the solution to humankind’s biggest threats. 
Yarrow believes that to heal the soil and return it to its natural innate state of fertility, the chemical, biological, and physical nature of soil must all be addressed and remedied. When the soil is healed through this holistic approach, we will be on the path to healing ourselves through more nutritious fuel for our bodies and a deeper connection with the land. By facilitating healthier, more functional soils, we will also set on the path to remedying climate change by drawing down atmospheric carbon concentrations. 
To understand how to elevate natural systems, agriculture, and humans to a higher state, Yarrow has looked closely at the complex, dynamic, and living world of soil. Yarrow, through design and evaluation of field experiments, prowess of ecological science, and human connection, has helped to bring degraded soils back to life and teaches others how to do the same."

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