David Yarrow: Transforming Soils to Transform Ourselves

David Yarrow:  Transforming Soils to Transform Ourselves

David Yarrow recently collaborated with Remineralize the Earth's Dyani Frye to share his thoughts on the importance of healing our soil to heal ourselves.  An except from the article is below.  You can read the full article at the following link:

Transforming Soils to Transform Ourselves

Original Source:  Remineralize the Earth

Author:  David Yarrow and Dyani Frye

"There’s no doubt that the industrialization of agriculture has changed the world we live in. With the advent of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, ‘agribusiness’ is a commercial enterprise seeking to do what most businesses do — maximize profit. But soil isn’t a static input, a sterile medium, or an endless reservoir from which crops will always sprout. In fact, treating soil in this way is a fast-track to depleting it. Continuing down this path is not sustainable, and it’s becoming clearer that we must rethink the way this system works, and move forward in a regenerative, holistic way. 

Yarrow sees food as a tool to help support the body in healing itself and returning the body to health and wellness. He explains that we are intrinsically connected to the foods we eat because as our cells divide and multiply, the nutrients in our body obtained by us through food supply the building blocks of our new cells. Thus, the quality of the food we eat directly impacts the condition of our bodies. 

As Yarrow said in our interview, “Food is the mechanism of evolution. By eating, we adapt and we change ourselves as a species.”

Unfortunately, the connection between humans and their food, Yarrow believes, has become detached. Food is no longer honored as a life-giving and health-maintaining tool, and American diets are saturated with over-processed and nutrient poor foods. Indeed, poor diets continue to be a leading cause of death around the globe, compelling an extensive intervention in food systems, starting with how it’s grown."

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